On January 15, 2017, we have moved our website to https://kismetllc.org and are closing the website formerly called "cloudmining.club"

In order to procure a smooth transition, we have converted all CMC Total contributions (meaning, actual spend + commissions + earnings + etc) to Kismet Tokens and the CMC will no longer operate directly.

This is because we are moving away from "Cloud Mining" since that market is riddled with scams and our ONLY reasoning for naming the club that was STRICTLY for Google Search Engine Optimization.

We feel our Bitcoin Distribution services should not be confused with those types of markets, and so we have closed the club down.

The formula used to calculate your K.T. credit was the TOTAL CMC Credits is dollar for dollar on what you spent at CMC (read on for more info).

Visit your Kismet Account to re-activate services.

Simply enter your email address you used to buy CMC services and a new password for your Kismet account will be sent to you. To use your tokens to activate Satoshi payouts, Log in at the link above, and click "products", then "Faucet Distribution Services", then follow the directions on the page.

You may use the Kismet Tokens to activate Satoshi Distribution services or other Kismet services.

Thank you and a complete explanation of what led to this and, what good new things to expect, will be posted in the news section at KismetLLC.org on 1/16/2017.

The closure of the club does not entitle you to a refund. Contributions were and are non-refundable as described at purchase time. The formula we used allows our members to activate enough Kismet Satoshi Distribution Services to earn 46% more (profit) than what they actually spent on their CMC contributions. Distribution occurs over a perion of two years. It is the most fair way we can handle this and continue to provide excellent services.

Fixed contracts (non "LIFETIME" services) will continue and your stats are available at the Kismet Members Area

How did CMC earn and how will we continue to earn?

We earn from a variety of sources, including our xcoins.io referrals, AdSense on other sites, our shop, real world jobs, website development and sales, and the other 40+ sites we operate.

We look forward to doing continued business with you via Kismet LLC and if you are for some reason totally dissatisfied with this change, please contact me to discuss alternatives. It was not my intention do have to change everything like this, but it is all for the betterment of our club and services.