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Contributors: 21 || Paid Contributions: $2,506.65
Paid to Users since 9/17/16: BTC 0.02944061
Total daily user payout: BTC 0.00336525

2016 Founder's Sale!

Get a 100% matching contribution bonus added with every contribution made during 2016! This effectively DOUBLES your contribution credit and payouts!

Bonus is automatically credited at the time your contribution payment clears.

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In addition to the base amounts from contributions, you will recieve bonus satoshis!

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Bitcoin Cloud Mining made simple!

How it works
Rather than confuse our users with GH/s and MH/s hashrates, electricity cost comparisons, complicated pools, and maintenance fees... We created a club where you contribute to gain lifetime daily satoshi amounts instead. Yes. You read that correctly. Lifetime!

Our system creates a revenue excess that is, in part, donated for water projects around the world so that we can make a lasting impact for good.

You tell us how many satoshis per day you want, and then contribute to the club.

Then, we take a portion of the contributed funds and purchase diversified cloud mining space and rig rentals. The contracts we purchase are lifetime contracts and thus, the benefit you gain by contributing to the club is likewise considered a lifetime benefit.

Mission and Surplus
Our mission as a cloud mining club is to raise funds for our Charity Water Campaign, while paying out lifetime benefits to club contributors. This is all made possible through Bitcoin cloud mining.

Having said that, the surplus is used at the webmaster's discretion for the betterment of the club.

How and when am I paid?
We pay every 5 minutes! The amount returned every 5 minutes is based on your daily total contributed * 100 / 24 / 12. For example... if you contributed $14.40 ... your 5 minute payout would be (14.40 * 100 = 1,440 / 24 [hours per day] / 12 [sets of payments per hour]) = 5 satoshi per 5 minutes. More details and formulas are given on your stats page.

Lifetime account increases every 5 minutes!

Half of your daily earnings are recontributed to your account so that your one time contribtution(s) will continue to grow over time, as well as payout more every 5 minutes than the last 5 minutes!

We offer a bonus system. Each dollar you contribute will increase your bonus amount, until your bonus reaches 33% (acheived once $1,000 is contributed).

New! In addition, we offer a 10% lifetime commissions from all referred club sales and 5% lifetime commissions from their automatic recontributions!

This changes everything! When a user contributes $14.40 ... they will earn 1,440 satoshis per day. 720 satoshi are sent to the user and 720 are recontributed to their account (so that the next day they earn more!) In this case, their referrer earns 5% of 720 satoshi each day... for life! bonus: Each day at server time 0:00, a bonus may be paid based on your contribution percentage amount. Visit for details.

Contact & Support
Not sure about getting involved? Email me with questions. [email protected]
This is our and privacy policy

Thank you and enjoy your payouts as we raise funds for Charity Water at the same time!

You may donate directly to our Water Fund Bitcoin Vault address at


or contribute to the club on its behalf to make a lifetime diferrence!

In addition to earnings from mining contracts purchased on behalf of the club, our growing network of sites contribute to your payouts also.


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