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Charity Water Donations: $180

1 Bitcoin = USD $763.29

Contributors: 97

Paid Contributions: $25,032.99

Paid to Users since 9/17/16: BTC 0.49686350

Total daily user payout: BTC 0.08561363
Total weekly user payout: BTC 0.59929542
Total yearly user payout: BTC 31.24897546

Woohoo! We are ranked #1 in the HashPoke contest! (jdd***

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Join using the link above and get +20 KH/s from (pays about 5580 satoshi per day) ... FREE!

I will give 50% of the prize we win to a random member who has made a purchase here at CMC AND a purchase at as as my referral.

I will post the winner(s) in January!

Welcome to our Bitcoin Cloud Mining Club

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